Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rock Star?

I am almost certain that Nicholas will be a musician, at the very least as a hobby. He is always singing and/or playing with instruments.

Although I try and give him only well-tuned 'proper' instruments (bells, xylophone, recorder, keyboard etc.) he got this tacky toy guitar in a magazine my auntie bought him and loves it!

This is an example of one of his many daily 'concerts'...

Sometimes he sings with actual words (nursery rhymes etc.) but more often it is his own compositions.

And if you think the sunglasses look a bit off - he has learned how to put them on himself, but hasn't figured out which way up they go...


  1. So sweet! My son is also always singing and pretending everything in the house is a guitar! My husband and I are both musicians, so we are ecstatic to see him. He is 30 mths now. How old is Nicholas? When did you start music learning with him? (Staffs, notes, etc?) What wonderful ideas; thanks for the resource!!

  2. We use a program called Little Musician to learn notes etc. - you can read about what we do for music in more detail here: