Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's been a bit hectic this week - we've been preparing for a Jubilee street party in our village.

The street party was great fun - there were around 1500 seats booked at the hundreds of tables along the high street, and goodness knows how many more turned up to picnic on the green or eat at one of the pubs!

You can see a couple of musicians in the picture above - they serenaded us for a while. There was also a brass band and a loudspeaker playing classics from the war (but not at the same time!).

Which Jubilee, I hear you ask...

Nikki knows what Jubilee it is!

 Diamond, of course! Though my brother seems of the opinion that it is kaleidoscope! 

My brother decorated this hat for a school celebration

There were a couple of free face-painting stands, but Nikki ruled against them - he doesn't like face paints at the moment. There was also lots of food, which we managed to avoid! Despite the fact that two of the pubs were doing hog roasts! Financially speaking, that is great - my total food spending today was 68p on lemonade; I was expecting to spend at least 200 times that!

Our table full of yummy treats.

Instead, we had a lovely tea, with china plates and my mum's best teacups! Some of the things on the table were: sandwiches (yes, including cucumber ones); pork pies, scotch eggs and other incredibly-unhealthy savoury treats that I normally resist buying; jubilee cupcakes, courtesy of my mother; eton mess; cream tea; tea and PIMMS! I love Pimms - it is the only time you can mix mint, strawberries, citrus and cucumber and not be called crazy.

The weather was wonderful - the morning started with almost-drizzle that looked to turn it into a washout, but amazingly it stayed dry. The sun even made a short (but hot!) appearance at around 3pm and due to the cool-grey-miserable outlook of the morning I had not even considered packing sun cream. More fool me - my face now resembles a tomato. Nikki will probably have tan lines. Is that even fair?

Me, Nikki and My Brother at our table

There was a lovely atmosphere - children were running all over the place and everyone was happy. Two boys even got away with hijacking a mobility scooter...

Nikki and his cousin look for the 'start' button...

Of course, the most exciting part of the day was watching the tractor collecting all the tables up as we were leaving...

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