Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have been yearning for a set of old-fashioned kitchen balance scales (the ones with weights) for ages but since they are 'fashionable' again I haven't seen any for under £100, something I refuse to pay for an item I don't actually need...

Today, when I popped into the charity shop after playgroup, I was thrilled to find one, weights and all, for only £5! What a bargain! I had to have it!

Nikki and I played with them for a little while - we weighed his bear and practiced stacking the weights. It was all a bit over his head, but at least he enjoyed it. More importantly, we can practice the concepts of 'heavier' and 'lighter' by comparing the weights.

How much does the bear weigh?

Concentrating hard when stacking the weights!


  1. They are fantastic aren't they. what a lucky find. well done you xx

  2. oh my god i was looking for those for long time , please if you find another set please let me know , you are so lucky xxx