Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I was given a bag of old crayons at playgroup last week and, having seen the many beautiful home-made crayons other blogging mums have made, I was excited to get melting!

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as others make it look. For some reason, the crayon colour settled and a whitish layer of wax formed on the top. I read about this online - all you do is mix in the colour again before it sets.

Simpler said than done - I learned the hard way that the wax re-separates unless you mix it just at the point when it is setting. This meant that the tops of my crayons are lumpy and not very pretty. One crayon started to fall apart, so I hand moulded it and re-melted the outside on the still-hot pan - this led me to eventually forming a rock-like crayon (like the ones I've adored on etsy for a while) but I lost half the wax in the process and it also left me with a pan covered in wax, which is very awkward to remove once set...

Nikki doesn't seem to mind the imperfect crayons, though!

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  1. I think your imperfect crayons turned out quite wonderful! This is a great post! It really helps illustrate some possible problems one making crayons may run into. Very honest and informative. Thanks so much for sharing with Tuesday Tots! Pinned :)