Monday, May 14, 2012


Nikki had his first visit to the dentist today. Although we practiced how he had to sit nicely and open his mouth several times this morning, he was reluctant to do so when actually faced with a strange person who was intent to put her hands in his mouth. We did, eventually, coax his mouth open and he was chuffed to hear her praise his teeth. In fact, he kept telling me (and Grandma, and Uncle Harry...) all about the "dentist [who] put on gloves and put [her] hands in Nikki's mouth and said Nikki's teeth [are] lovely and gave Nikki a sticker!" - Have I mentioned before that Nikki speaks in long-winded paragraphs? It would be lovely if he could slow down enough to pronounce all the words clearly enough to be understood...

He liked his sticker so much that he had to transfer it to his pyjamas before he went to bed!

"Look at my shiny teeth!"

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