Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Using our Moveable Alphabet

I put a missing-letter CVC word worksheet in our lesson packets but the text is small and so I had to write in the missing letters for him to be able to read the word - what a perfect point to introduce using our newly-boxed moveable alphabet!

Nikki and I worked through the sheet together, and I still filled in the missing letters for him, but then he got the fun job of finding the letters and making the word all by himself!

He liked to trace the letters with his fingers first, practicing - and explaining out loud - how to write them:

His current phrase of choice is "I really love..." and guess what - he really loved his new box of letters!

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  1. impressive! how old is he now? i bought these letter for my 2.5 year old but somehow her interest in them is limited so far.

  2. Nikki is now 3.5, I suspect at 2.5 the letters would have been seen as either tasty treats or projectiles so I wouldn't worry about a lack of interest!

    Even now, they barely held his interest to complete four words, and there is no chance of us making sentences with them.