Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pennies in my Pocket!

Nikki is currently obsessed with pennies! He has to have all his pennies in his pockets at all times. This morning, I counted 20.

It all started when he learned how to put things in his pockets and take them out again. When we were shopping, if there was a copper coin in my change it was given to Nikki to put in his pocket. At first, I would later re-claim the coin when he took off his coat/trousers. Then he noticed...

Although I periodically re-claim coins (from wherever he has dropped them - we have a constantly money-stewn floor!) he is accumulating more and more and seems to have a rough idea of how many because he gets upset and starts looking for them when I take too many... He refuses to put them in a money box... or rather, keep them there - he's quite happy to put them in so long as I take them out again straight away! It has got to the point that his pockets are so heavy with coins that his trousers are falling down! Either that, or he takes a small funnel from the kitchen and carries them round in that - which means every time he turns around or runs or simply stops concentrating there are pennies EVERYWHERE!

About ten minutes ago, after again picking up handfuls of coins from across the floor, I gave him a small box and a lipstick-pouch (the type that comes with a new handbag) which closes with a popper. He has managed to keep the coins in the box and seems happy, for now, to simply put the box in and out of the pouch and practice closing the popper.

Hopefully soon he will get over this penny-obsession and be content to keep them in a money box!

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