Thursday, March 24, 2011


This evening, Nicholas and I were practicing our counting in English and Russian as I got him ready for bed. We had just finished checking he had the right number of fingers and toes when he (unprompted and unaided) said 'one, two, three'!!! It is made more impressive, since we had counted in Russian after English, so he wasn't simply parroting (or at least not without a pause and change of language). I'm thrilled!

On the topic of counting, I was hoping to finish a set of counting cookies for Nicholas today. I have revised my original plan of 6 cookies to 13 (ie. numbers 0-12) but have run out of the original brown felt I used and the one I have now is a different colour so I have had to remake the entire set (because it would drive me nuts if they didn't match - the other cookies will make a lovely gift) Unfortunately, my sister and cousin came over this evening so I lost over two hours' sewing time and am thus not going to finish today.

Anyhow - I want to try and get a couple more finished before bed...

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  1. Please post a picture once your done with the cookies!

    And congratulations to Nikki for doing so well, that's amazing! :D