Thursday, May 17, 2012

Russian Poetry

Nicholas' current favourite book is a selection of Russian poetry - specifically a poem about three boys running around pretending to be cars, boats and planes. We read it at least twice a day...

Nicholas has almost memorised the poem, which covers four pages in his book! It is great for vocabulary building - there are several useful words that you wouldn't use in every day conversation - as well as being good for learning the natural rhythms of the language.

When we read it, I will pause several times (every two-three lines) to let Nikki fill in the gap. Most of the time, he does so correctly and I am slowly adding more pauses. I can't wait until he can recite is on his own!

I had planned on doing this with the short 4-5 line poems we have, but he doesn't want to sit and listen to them and isn't interested in reciting. Learning such a long poem will take a while, but he chose it.

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