Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Naturally Powered review

I am a sucker for cleaning products, so was happy to be given some samples of Tesco's new Naturally Powered range to review.

First up: the non-bio washing powder.

I was not very impressed with this. Even when I tried using a lot less than recommended for a hard water area, there were large clumps of powder left in the drawer. I used several different cycles and it didn't make any difference. The washing came out clean enough, but it lacked that freshly-washed smell.

Second: the antibacterial spray cleaner.

What can I say about this? It smells really nice. I wouldn't use it for deep-cleaning (I felt it was no more effective than water for scrubbing off stuck-on mess like spashes of pancake batter and clumps of coffee granuals) but the nice smell makes it good for the day-to-day wipe down of the worktops. I can't comment on the bug-killing quality, since I haven't got any bug-detecting gadgets.

Lastly: the washing up liquid.

I don't feel like the single-use sachet I was given was enough for a proper test of this washing up liquid. It has an inoffensive lemon scent, and produced copious amounts of bubbles. Probably this means that if you had a bottle, you would only need a little squeeze -  more on a par with Fairy than the cheap brands. I did find that my 'rinse' bowl of fresh water was thick with bubbles after only a half-dozen dishes (it usually has next-to-no bubbles at the end of the dishes) but this might just be because there was too much soap in the sachet. I didn't have any really grimy dishes to wash, so I can't say how good it is with them, but from what I could tell, it was better than average.

All in all, I would maybe buy the spray, because it really did smell good, but I wouldn't bother with the others.

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