Thursday, September 1, 2011

Counting in Chinese

I am trying to count with Nikki as much as possible throughout the day.

We have two number lines in his corner and I added a third, which goes from 1-20, above his toy shelves. We count up and down at least one of them every day, in English and Russian. Nikki loves the number lines, because I let him bang the wall! We tap the numbers as we say them, using whatever Nikki gives me (sometimes a xylophone beater, sometimes a miniature ladel).

We also count anything and everything whenever possible. Today while at the park I said something about counting, and Nikki banged against the wheel he was 'steering' saying 'ee, er' - he was counting in CHINESE!!! I am so proud and amazed, especially since his Chinese lessons haven't been about numbers for weeks now! He can count to two, which is two more than he has ever tried in Russian! (If he is interested enough to vocalise, he can count to four in English)

He then spent the rest of the day banging against the nearest wall/chair/sofa and counting 'one, two' in Chinese, and couldn't be encouraged to switch to English or Russian numbers at all! I shouldn't be surprised, his favourite thing is Chinese at the moment - he loves his Chinese lessons, and asks for them many times a day, but I only let him watch them 1-2 times for 5-10 minutes each. He is allowed his Chinese CD as much as he likes, though, and is so keen to listen that he figured out the CD player by himself!

I am quite excited, because Wink to Learn are offering a free DVD with orders over $40. They also have a discount code for 25%, 2011MOTHER&BABY but it expires either today or tomorrow.

I bought part of Nikki's Christmas present - their Animal Encyclopedia DVDs! He will love them, his two favourite things - Chinese and animals! I've been looking at them for ages, but couldn't really justify the price when he is still only half way through the discs we have. For £50 for 12 DVDs, with the next set of lessons (Speech and Drama) thrown in, I couldn't resist!

I have also ordered some actual books, which should arrive next week. I am so excited!

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