Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Boy Bed

This afternoon I finally got around to taking the bars off the cot and clearing Nikki's room of all the extra 'stuff' he liked to play with. Tonight will be his first night in his big boy bed!

As you can see, he was more interested in looking out the window than settling down, not that there is anything new there! I bought the dinosaur bedding in the January sales for a new-bed present, but had to do a bit of emergency sewing when I realised that the single bedding would not be the right size for the cotbed! I cut it down to fit the bed and cut our spare duvet in half to fill it. On the plus side, I now have fabric enough to make several cushions!

Unfortunately, I don't think staying up nearly an hour past bedtime has done any good. I was hoping that he would settle quicker if he was a little more tired, but he's gone into that over-tired state and has been complaining loudly for over half an hour now. Not the best start.

This is what Nikki thinks of getting into bed:

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  1. Bless him, he looks so grown up, even since we saw him last! Congratulations, too, on the counting in Chinese... I'm very impressed. :)