Friday, March 18, 2011

Redecorating Nikki's Corner

For some reason, the people who designed the flats where I live decided that adding a rather odd-shaped corner onto the living room was a good idea. Apparently they were designed to be dining areas, but considering you'd be hard pressed to fit a table for two in the tiny space... so I 'gave' it to Nicholas as his play corner.

It actually works perfectly for this, allowing Nikki to have his play space without taking over the whole room (in theory, at least). When his dad visited, we were presented with a selection of wall stickers - just the thing, since I was planning on removing the more baby-oriented stickers and now I had something to replace them. I took the old ones down last weekend, but have only just finished putting up the new ones.

He now has some numbers to help him count out the prices on his menu board. (Thanks Uncle Harry for filling it out!)

An alphabet catterpillar (my favourite) complete with cyrillic letters. Unfortunately I made the first downward loop a bit too pointy. Underneath are more numbers, this time with the Russian word underneath.

To give a bit more context, here is the whole corner:

The dinosaur accessories were birthday presents and will eventually move to his room when he out-grows Baby Roo and moves on to a prehistoric theme!

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  1. I love the caterpillar (and wish I had room for one)! I'm also liking the 50p charge for cake; very reasonable, Nikki. :)