Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tot School

Since the summer holidays are over, it is time for us to get back into a more structured routine and welcome the start of Tot School!

The idea behind Tot School is to set aside a little time each day to do early learning activities with your toddler. It is not like proper school - Tot School is FUN, skill-focused play and should never be forced or un-fun or boring.

I really like the idea of doing this - especially as I can focus on a time for English, a time for Russian and focus our learning about the same topic in both languages. Each week will have a different 'theme' with lots of fun activities which will hopefully teach basic concepts (big-small, colours, counting etc.).

We are also doing READING lessons! I am very excited and so far Nikki is loving the alphabet. He had so much fun learning his animal sounds, I thought he would enjoy letter sounds, too!

I'll aim to post a selction of the activities we do each week. I have had fun planning our first topic - colours!

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