Friday, September 30, 2011


It took 23.5 months and a large number of teeny-tiny marshmallows for Nicholas to finally finally take his FIRST STEPS!!!

I was planning a post this morning all about the progress Nikki had made in his stubbornness - he was 'walking' across the hall on his knees. Then Uncle Harry invited us over to play in the garden (since it is unlikely to be garden weather for much longer) and after much crawling and bouncing on the trampoline we went indoors to give the poor cat some peace.

We were talking and Nikki managed a half-step half-fall towards me from standing in the middle of the room. Of course, we got all excited but he refused to repeat the feat. So, out came the teeny-tiny marshmallow bribery - if Nicholas took steps towards me, he got a treat. This worked as an incredible incentive -  in no time at all he was taking 12 steps across the room!

He is still wobbly and a bit bandy-legged, but once he got the confidence to actually let go he was off! We had him crossing the room for about half an hour before he refused to cooperate any more. Not surprising as he was half an hour past dinner time, tired and still feeling a little under the weather.

I have another lot of marshmallows ready for tomorrow morning!

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  1. Bless him! Those teeny marshmallows do seem to give happiness disproportionate to their size, even for adults! Please give him a huge congratulatory hug from Auntie Sammy & Uncle David. We're looking forward to coming up to see you around his birthday, if you're around/free (email me?)?

    Thanks for sending the Amazon gift list around - an excellent idea.

    Sammy x

    P.S. Just out of personal curiosity, what are the Russian words for "tiny marshmallow"? :)