Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chinese Lessons

Today we had our first book-based Chinese lesson. I bought the I Love Chinese set of books from Better Chinese (click here for a UK stockist) and I think they are great!

There are 12 books, each on a different topic, covering everything from greetings to shapes to animals. Each book is 12 pages long with 8-12 different sentences (often using a repeating pattern and changing only one or two words). There is a cd with recorded audio for each book, too.

I have decided to try and have a Chinese 'lesson' every morning, reading a new book each week. We had our first one this morning and it was a big hit! We must have gone over the book half a dozen times - I kept having it handed back to me with demands for more! Even the first time through the book, Nikki was repeating ni how (hello) after me! I'm sure he will pick up loads from these books and am saving up for their 36-book set My First Chinese Words. As long as Nicholas is in love with Chinese, I am going to encourage it - I just hope that this love will last!

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  1. I had to hide Nikki's Chinese book this morning after reading it about ten times. This evening he crawled over, pulled it out from under the envelope I'd used to hide it, and came towards me saying 'ni how'.