Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Self Discipline...

This is something I have problems with. Unfortunately. I am a great planner, but lack the self-discipline to put most of those plans into action. This is not the best quality for someone who is taking courses which require independent learning.

Sorry - the philosophical ranting has been inspired by the fact that for the third time, I have left my assignment to the last possible minute. What makes it worse is that I had completed a third of it three weeks ago, spending a lot of time ensuring it was perfect, and then spent two days desparately finishing the other four questions so that I could send it off in time. Although I had planned to cover the material in plenty of time, I was too interested in doing other things!

I think the problem stems from my obsessive nature - I get an idea in my head and I want to focus entirely on that one thing, be it creating learning-aids for Nicholas or crafting or studying... I don't know how to focus myself in such a way as to complete those things that *must* be done, while still allowing myself to obsess!

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