Friday, March 25, 2011


I've finally finished the counting cookies I started yesterday. They took about two hours longer than I expected so I am left with a pile of dirty dishes and no desire to clean them... such is life.

So, the set is 13 cookies, with chocolate chips for all quanities from 0-12, all in a cute little decorated bag. I plan to make numeral and sign cards, but haven't managed yet.

The signs here are just written in marker on notepaper to give an idea of what I'm planning. I have actually devised a whole series of maths games around the cookies, teaching quantity, bigger-smaller and eventually addition and subtraction. I'll try and get some 'action' shots at some point, but they are very hard to come by, since Nikki usually grins or grabs the second he notices the camera.

Here is a rare example of him focusing on his 'work' (putting buttons in a jar) rather than the camera:

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