Saturday, March 19, 2011

School Fair

It was Harry's school fair this morning. I decided to walk the 2-odd miles there and have now got blisters on top of the blisters I acquired Thursday. Poor me.

The fair itself was lovely. I managed not to waste my money on any of the tombolas... except the Easter egg one. I now have a buttons egg and a creme egg egg tempting me with their chocolatey goodness. Funny enough, when Nicholas spotted the big display of Easter eggs, he got excited as if he *knew* they were chocolate - despite the fact he was too young last year to remember...

This time we didn't win on the raffle, unfortunately. Usually, Nicholas wins something on the ticket that Uncle Harry buys for him. Last year he won 'Twister' at the Spring fair, and a Roald Dahl collection at the summer one.

After the fair, Mum and Vikki came over for tea. Vikki was very excited by the over-priced card making hole punch set that I bought her as bribery for babysitting on Thursday. She was equally excited by the gingerbread man ribbon I tied around it. Maybe I should have saved some money and just given her the ribbon...

I've been a bad mother this evening - I burnt Nicholas' rice and he was impatient for dinner so I gave him shreddies. His dessert was 1/4 of an apple and several handfuls of grapes, but I still feel bad that it wasn't a 'proper' meal.

Tomorrow is going to be a dedicated maths day, as I still have four questions to do on my assignment.

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