Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Hobby

Today, Sammy and I went to the Stitch and Craft show in London which was great! We had lots of fun looking (and buying) all the different crafty things, and found me a new hobby (beadwork)... or possibly two, since she also convinced me that I needed to start a blog!

Why Dancing with Dinosaurs? Well, I'm not very good at thinking up catchy names and since this blog is primarily a way of documenting Nikki's childhood, I picked two of his favourite things - moving to music and dinosaurs.

Nicholas is now 17 months old. He is a very clever baby - a definite 'thinker'. He is also lazy and stubborn - he has no interest in walking, and is seemingly content to use the fastest and wackiest commando crawl I've ever seen. He also refuses to move into and out of a sitting position - going so far as to out-stubborn my sister and sit for over two hours because she wouldn't help him down to crawl!

We see a physiotherapist every few months, since he was 10 weeks premature and they like to keep tabs on his development, and she confirmed that he has great balance and understanding (of spoken instruction/requests) but although she is sure he could soon start walking if he wanted to, he just doesn't want to. As I said, lazy and stubborn.

His fine motor skills are, however, very advanced. He somehow got hold of a pair of earrings I had on a card, and was putting one of them in and out of the hole with precision and accuracy! I couldn't believe it! Unfortunately I had to confiscate the contraband earrings, but have since bought him a peg board which has become his new favourite toy.

Nicholas stayed with Favourite Auntie V today, allowing me my first grown-up day out for I don't know how long. Apparently he was a very good boy, although he fed himself more than the ducks! He also spent a good hour pointing at Auntie V's boobs and saying 'milk'. Apparently he wasn't convinced when she told him the only milk she had for him was in his cup. Silly baby!

The craft show was lovely - if somewhat overwhelming in the sheer quanitiy and variety on offer. I even anaged to stay on budget... almost! (I spent a lot more on babysitting bribery than I had intended.)

I am currently torn between two projects - an intriguing ball of wool for making a fancy scarf and a beadwork dragonfly. I also bought myself a cup of felting wool (which Nicholas found fascinating - he kept pointing and saying 'blue', trying to figure out how to get at the wool inside) and a corner cutter to round the corners on the many hundreds of things that I laminate for Nikki.

I think I shall start with the dragonfly...

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