Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crafting Weekend

As I have another assignment due in Monday week, which I am embarassed to say I haven't even looked at, I have allowed myself the indulgence of crafting this weekend with the hopes of focusing on my studies in the coming week.

Unfortunately, I have had relatively little time to indulge, since I was busy most of Saturday and this afternoon, but I have still managed to make several Easter cards (which I can't post pictures of, yet) and this cute little bunny ornament, which I suspect will make its way into Nikki's Easter basket.

I got the pattern in an impulse-buy craft magazine. For some reason, I can either get the colour or the focus right, so the bunny is actually turquoise and navy, not the sky-blue and almost-black of the picture. But the cuteness comes across well enough. (It was only after I stitched him up that I settled on 'cute' rather than 'scary' as the description)

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