Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toilet Training

As soon as Nicholas could sit independantly, I had him sitting on the potty at change time. I wasn't expecting him to do anything, it was more that I wanted him relaxed sitting on the potty when it came time to train him.

As it happened, in January we had nearly two months of horrendous nappy rashes, and he spent a lot of time in pants to help reduce the irritation. This led to him being almost potty-trained, as he would often hold on until I sat him on the potty (though there were a few puddles).

Suddenly, at the end of February, he started refusing the potty. He would actually scream when I tried to put him on it, so I put it to one side and tried every week or so to see if he'd changed his mind. He still hasn't.

Two days ago, we had a breakthrough. Out of the blue, he came up to me and said 'toilet' and when I asked if he wanted to sit on the toilet, he got excited. So we sat on his 'special' toilet seat (which he has always seemed afraid of) quite happily for about ten renditions of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.

Yesterday he didn't ask, and I didn't want to push the idea. Then today, he asked again. Amf this time he used it! I am really hoping that this is the start and my plan to try and be out of nappies by his birthday micht actually happen! 

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