Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Look What We Made!

There was the most adorable craft activity at toddler group this morning - Nikki was a bit young to appreciate it (though he enjoyed putting on the glue and bashing when I put the pieces in place) but I think it is just adorable and will definitely re-create it in a year or so, when he 'gets' what to do.

I know it's too neat for a 'real' toddler creation, but like I said, he added the glue and bashed the pieces down - he just wasn't interested in the intermediate stage of placing the pieces!

The teddy and blanket were already drawn on the paper. We were supplied with a big bag of pre-cut fabric squares to match to the squares on the teddy's blanket, and pre-cut teddy shapes. I suppose you can make it harder by having to cut out the fabric (or squares of coloured paper) for the quilt and maybe even the teddy's body!

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