Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shape Sorters

I didn't write much yesterday, as although I could finally use my new computer (yey!) due to recieving my new monitor, it came to light that the keyboard was broken and so I had to type with the onscreen keyboard which is slow at best. The customer service was great, though, and I had a new keyboard by lunchtime today.

Anyway. Pre-writing. As I said, there was actually a lot that we already do which can actually be classified under this heading.

Nicholas has always shown an interest in fine-motor activities, especially ones that involve putting things into holes. At just over a year old, I created this button jar for him:

I selected some large colourful buttons and cut a large hole in the lid of the tub. The tub is from hot chocolate powder, which works well because the plastic lid was easy to cut and it has a metal base that makes a nice noise when he drops the buttons in. It also has a lovely chocolatey aroma that several washes couldn't get rid of. I covered it in green paper entirely because it looks better on the shelf (and less like I hoarde 'rubbish').

I have since cut a new lid, as narrow as possible for the buttons to still go through. He will still play happily with this activity, though it is now easy for him.

We have progressed from putting random stuff into an empty tissue box, to shape-sorting puzzles. We have this lovely shape board that I found on ebay:

He still finds it a challenge with the more complicated shapes as it is quite a tight fit.

Today we got the Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock. To my mixed delight and dismay, he had zero trouble with the shape sorting part of it. I was hoping this would be a trickier progression from the sorting board, but apparently it is easier. He still enjoyed it, and there is some challenge getting the right hole for the shapes, as there are several similar ones. He also loves the clock - he keeps saying 'tick-tock' - and it has somewhat stopped him from asking me to take my clocks off the wall for him to play with (not that I did!).

I have also found the website Early Learning at Home which has loads of great ideas that I am in the process of adapting to use with Nikki.

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