Monday, July 18, 2011

Russian DVDs

I've been saving up to get Nikki Russian dvds with a bit more educational value than most of the cartoons on youtube can give. As I've mentioned before, he loves Pim. Unfortunately, when I went to buy their Russian dvds and actually watched the clip I was thoroughly annoyed to see that they had Romanized the Russian words. And not only that, but they'd done it badly! I can understand why non-Russian speaking parents would find it beneficial, but would it not be better to have the option - or at least the ability to turn it off?

So, very unhappily, I turned away from Pim. I spent a long time searching for other options. There are some quite funky singing-dinosaur vocab-builders, which I thought Nikki would love. He didn't seem very interested. The other down side is that you can only watch an English clip, so I have no idea what the Russian is like anyway. But I was ready to go for it until...I was sent the link to these fantastic Russian-made dvds!

Nicholas loves them almost as much as Pim. In fact he had a meltdown when the two clips available on youtube were finished and we ended up watching them twice more each.

There are 5 hour-long dvds in the set - I expect we shall have them all memorized in short order! They are quite pricey, especially considering the shipping on top, but definitely worth the money.

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