Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Physio and Psychologists

Yesterday we had an adventure in hospital.

First trip was to the children's ward, where we met a psychologist. We had been invited to be part of a study involving the psychological development of premature babies, and help test a new home-check booklet that a local university is developing.

The booklet was full of little games to play at home, and I have been attempting all week to pin Nikki down long enough to complete them. They are simple assessments of baby development from 10 - 24 months; build a tower/open the box/find the hidden toy etc. Nicholas did really well with everything apart from matching similar objects. He just doesn't get the idea of 'same' yet.

The psychologist did a much more in depth test - they played lots of games while I watched and encouraged. For some reason he behaved for her! I think she was surprised by some of the things he could do - especially puzzles. He let himself down there, though, because she was timing him and he had to stop and clap himself after every piece - and when it is an 8-piece puzzle, that works out almost doubling the time! Silly. Not that it matters really.

The final result was that we stopped at the 'find the same object' games, because he just didn't get them. She wouldn't tell me anything beyond that his level is 'above the normal range for his corrected age', and I don't know whether the report they'll send out will be any more detailed than that. I suppose it is hard to be too specific at such a young age, as babies all learn different things at different times.

She really just confirmed what I already knew - he's a smart little boy! It was an interesting experience, and all in good fun.

Next stop was our routine physio checkup. We have been seeing the physio every 4-5 months since Nikki was born, just to keep an eye on his development because he was so premature. Finally she was really happy at where he is (before she has been saying that he seems fine, but slow) and wants one final check up in November when he his hopefully running circles around me! I have the option of cancelling that one if I feel he's doing really well, though. So finally he is at a point in his physical development that makes the professionals happy that there are no impending mobility problems. Not that I was really worried, but he is right at the slowest end of normal in starting to walk etc. so it is a big relief that he's nearly there!

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