Friday, May 6, 2011

A Tangent on Languages...

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Naughty me! I'm afraid I got distracted by Easter crafting, then sleepless teething nights...

We haven't done a lot in the last month. Nikki has been catching up on his beauty sleep alot during the day, then his father came to visit, which is always chaos. He has still watched his Chinese (Kalu, apparently) and Japanese dvds most days, though, because he will demand them frequently and it gives me a little time to get some housework done!

I can't remember whether I've mentioned Nicholas' language program before. I'm a self-confessed language geek, and hope to encourage Nicholas in a love of languages. He is being brought up in a bi-lingual (mostly) environment, as his father is Russian and I want him to be able to connect to his Russian heritage fully. I must admit it is difficult being a single mother teaching the two languages and I often find that I have lapsed with the Russian - though at a minimum he has several short conversations and an audiobook daily. Often there is much more than this and when I teach him new words I try and always use the two languages.

On top of that, I have language programs in Chinese and Japanese. I had initially thought to do many more languages, and have a different one each day, but this turned out impractical since I don't know any of them - I decided to focus on the two hardest as French, German, Spanish etc will be much easier to pick up at a later date. Chinese and Japanese, however, have completely different structures to European languages so I thought that would be the best place to start.

We have the same two sets of DVDs for the two languages - Wink to Learn's Speak and Read set and the Little Pim 3-dvd set. Nicholas loves them and would happily watch them all day, but he rarely gets more than 10 minutes a day. I'll write more in depth about them later.

And those ten minutes are pretty much all the focused education he has had in the last month!

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