Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chaos and Destruction

That seems to be all Nikki is here for at the moment! As quick as I tidy one mess, he's created another three!!!

This past week has been hard - we had three nights of zero sleep (screaming until 3am, then up and down every quarter of an hour) and have spent the last two days getting back to form. Now I am just about back to normal levels of sleep deprivation.

Nicholas has definitely been putting his skills at chaos and destruction to good use this week. He loves throwing just about anything, and isn't very receptive to the word 'no'. Much time is being spent in the naughty corner!

I think I'm being a bit mean, really. He isn't destructive, just mess-creating. When things get broken it is not intentional, at least. Most of the time he will play with a quiet focus, talking to himself and occasionally telling me what he's up to (not that I understand 90%!) - this evening he was at his kitchen for over half an hour saying 'cook' 'spoon' and 'clock' a lot, so I can only assume he mixed something up and wanted to keep track of how long it was in the oven so as not to burn it...

It would be nice if he would tidy things up a bit, or at least tidy up the things that *need* tidying (rather than the odd socks and single jenga pieces that seem to make their way into 'his' drawer - the bottom one in his wardrobe that used to be for pyjamas until he decided it was for tidying things into).

On the plus side, this week he has conquered the hands-and-knees crawling stage! Woo hoo! He finally got up onto hands and knees and moved forwards! He now moves this way about 60-70% of the time.

He also learned to go down stairs. Unfortunately, his first instinct is still to go face-first, but if I manouver him feet-first he will get down quickly and safely. And did so first try!

This evening (when he thought I wasn't looking) he even stood up and then got back down all by himself!!! He refuses to admit to this skill when he knows I can see him - I think he's just a teency bit lazy when it comes to physical exertion.

And finally... big success with manners! Despite his new-found game of pouring his drink on the table! He has learned the word 'please' and seems to understand it in Russian, too, as he says 'pee' when I speak English and 'poo' when I use Russian (pozhaluysta). He still seems to enjoy making everything sound like toilet words, though!

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