Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Basket

Here is the final Easter Basket I prepared for Nicholas this year.

I thought the idea of lots of little gifts and toys much more appropriate to a one year old than a big chocolate egg, so I have been putting this basket together for months.

I knitted an egg-half (and will eventually get around to finishing the chick - I made one and decided to give it to my brother from Nicholas and ran out of time to finish his...) and wet-felted a plastic egg. I also made a more bunny-coloured felt bunny (I'm still not sure the blue one isn't scary!) as well as a felt hanging decoration with a cute chick on it.


My lucky boy also got this adorable bunny puzzle...

 Some home-made playdough (colour-coded to match the eggs) and cutters...

And a bunny basket filled with 12 felt carrots. Nicholas seems to think they are particularly yummy!


Of course there was the obligatory chocolate... a small bag of milky bar buttons. Nicholas has played with everything - he fed the felt bunny (and himself) carrots before tidying them all away, made the bunny puzzle repeatedly (or rather helped me to do so) and briefly examined the playdough before deciding that chasing the eggs was far more fun.

Uncle Harry enjoyed the playdough!

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