Friday, May 20, 2011

Sofa Diving

This is something I try to do every week - I get a cardboard wrapping paper tube and remove all the detrius that collects under my sofa. I am too lazy to actually pull it out more than once a month!

Unfortunately, due to lack of sleep and generally feeling rubbish, it is probably nearer two weeks since I last delved under the sofa... and what a catch!

I found (other than the expected crumbs and dust):

Balls - two bouncy, one squash and one blue plastic

Play Food - one lemon, one tomato, one slice of watermelon, two apples and a chocolate

Other Kitchen Items - a wooden 'salt' shaker and a wooden rolling pin

Sorting - three rings from a stacking tower, five buttons, five kidney beans (dried!) and 5 parts of a 'washing line' sorting and lacing game

Other Toys - one toy car, half a small box, a xylophone stick, a red duplo block, wooden lipstick and the letter C and Z playdough cutters.

The only thing of mine under there was my sewing machine screwdriver, which I had last seen on my desk, but I'll take the blame anyway!

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