Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Cutie

As if to offset the headaches he gives me during the day, Nikki has a wonderful way of waking me up in the morning. He comes into my bed for a breastfeed first thing, while I doze and try to squeeze in a couple more minutes' sleep. When he's finished, he climbs up over me (all elbows - ouch), puts his hands on my cheeks and gives me a kiss and a cuddle.

He's also really sweet when I shout at him for no real reason. He seems to know the difference between me being tired and grumpy and being cross at his behaviour, and when I snap at him and he doesn't deserve it he looks up at me and gives me a kiss, a gentle reminder that I'm being unreasonable. But if he's been naughty, he accepts me telling him off. Bless him.

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