Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yes, at the beginning of February we finally had the 2-days of snow that is usual for a, English winter. Another belated post, I know! Nikki loved it - or should I say the idea of it... I bundled him up in thermal vest and tights and all-in-one waterproofs but he quickly tired of touching the snow!

First, we took care of the poor cold birdies by hanging up a coconut feeder:

He then spent about five minutes with his sand-bucket and a cup before helping me make a snowman.

All ready for making snow castles!

Scooping  snow is no fun - it should be put in the cup by hand!

Can you see the path our snowman's body took across the grass?

Not long into the snowman-building process, he decided to stop for hot chocolate and let me finish the job on my own.

A flask of hot chocolate - perfect for a snowy day!
Our happy snowman

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