Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to make the best bubble bath EVER!

Like all kids, Nikki loves his bubble baths! He used to insist that I keep adding more and more soap to his bath as the bubbles didn't cover him up. Unfortunately, super-soapy baths are not good for baby skin.

Simple science gave me the solution: you get more bubbles by shaking up the water more, so if you were to run the bath using a shower head...

Nikki loves his super-bubbly bubble baths!

This super-bubbly bath was made using just one squirt of soap. That is one measured squirt from the pump on the bottle of soap to make around 2 inches of foam! Filling a whole tub rather than the little baby bath would give you even more bubbles!

The only problem is that Nikki always seems to lose his legs...

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