Saturday, February 25, 2012

All Grown Up!

Nicholas is getting far too grown up!

He might need my help before and after, but when sitting on the potty he now demands 'Mummy - go away!' (unless he is doing standing up wees, in which case it is more 'Mummy, look - oh wow!')

He also  insists that he partake in all the 'manly' jobs - such as putting together new furniture!

He really enjoyed playing in the bottom cupboards! At one point, there was only one door and yet every one of the twenty-or-so times I was still surprised when I opened it and found Nicholas hiding!

He now has his own grown-up desk (or deks as he calls it), which is really my old one. He is so chuffed to have his own drawer and cupboard, and his 'old' desk is tucked in the chair space, so he can still sit and draw comfortably. 

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