Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Our Shelves

This week I have a couple of new, challenging activities which I hope will be enjoyed. There is a bit of a peg theme going on - Nikki is eager to play with my clothes pegs at the moment, so I thought I'd give him some extra practice!


 Nikki is great at counting now (when he doesn't get lazy and skip from 3 to 6) and I wanted to add something to practice quantity recognition. He isn't too bothered about moving counters around, but I think these mini clothes pegs will get his attention:

Mini pegs to show quantity on number flashcards.

I pre-marked the cards for one-to-one correspondence practice
I bought the numbers in a pound shop a while ago - they are cheap stick-on house numbers, but work really well to make an interesting, raised flashcard.

Size and Sequence

I made this set of sequencing lorries by re-sizing a clip-art image. I then cut out, coloured and laminated them. Nikki loves lorries, so these should be a hit.

Size sequencing lorries


This week's books. I swap in one new text each week (it takes me that long to learn to read it!) and will read up to three each day, so there is plenty of repetition. Even Mummy is remembering some Chinese!

Books from My First Chinese Words series

Fine Motor

I bought these adorable pegs over the summer, but I didn't know how to present them to Nikki as the animal heads would be upside down if pegged onto a box. I then realised that the simple dowel tree I was planning to use for Easter decoration would be perfect to peg onto.

Cute animal pegs hanging from our Easter tree


I wanted to do something different with our bells this week, so I printed off and laminated some flashcards with the note name and picture. I added a colour sticker to match with the bells.

Colour stickers help match the bells to the note


Nikki is a typical boy and loves vehicles of all kinds. So he should fall head over heels for this colour-matching activity!

Transport colour-matching activity


Nikki doesn't draw anymore - he writes! I have re-sized and laminated pages from our Kumon tracing book and given him a dry-wipe marker and cloth. He loves writing on my whiteboard so this should be a hit. Maybe this will encourage him to write something other than the letter 'o'...
Wipe-clean Kumon worksheets


  1. Those transportation counters are wonderful! My Boogie would love them! I am glad you found my blog. You have really fun trays here! This is one of my featured posts this week. Thanks for linking up to WOTT!

  2. Great activities ... they're so attractive and inviting! My son would have loved the vehicle color matching when he was little, too. It would be wonderful if you'd like to link up your activity trays at Montessori Monday!

  3. Thanks! I've added a link to Montessori Mondays :)

    The counters are from Amazon - you get 72 in a bucket. They do all sorts of things (animals, fruit, bugs etc) but are too expensive for me to get them all!

  4. hi there! May i know where did you print the musical notes from? Is there a link? I have the same set of bells by the way!

  5. I believe the notes came from the brillkids library. Use the big banner in my sidebar if you haven't neen there before :) They may have been in a Little Reader download - if so, you can probably download and print them using the free trial.