Thursday, August 11, 2011

Table Manners

When we went away, Nicholas suddenly developed table manners! I think he was showing off. He went from rarely using a spoon (ignoring it in favour of his fingers) to spoon-feeding like a pro overnight. I knew he was able to use a spoon, as he showed me when we did spooning games, but he never wanted to use one for food. Suddenly, he decided to use it for eating and he did so with almost no mess!

This week, he has moved on to using a fork. He was struggling to eat blueberries with a spoon, as they kept rolling off the plate, but he refused to pick them up in his fingers. I decided to give him a fork and see how he managed. With a lot of praise and very little help, he was spearing the blueberries nearly every time! I didn't expect the quick success, since blueberries are not the easiest of foods to get a fork in, but he managed it.

Now, he is no longer interested in using a spoon - at least for anything with a consistency of mashed potato or lumpier. He asks for his fork every meal and is doing wonderfully. He even picks the mess up off his tray onto his plate, and wipes the table afterwards!

Now if only he would stop pouring milk on the tray to splash in...

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