Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going to Prison...

Believe it or not, we went to prison on our holiday... Dartmoor Prison Museum that is! It is in an old building associated with the prison on the other side of the road to the working compound.

It was really interesting. It is incredible how much life has changed for prisoners in the last century. They had a cat o' nine tails in one of the displays - it was one of the most feared punishments in the early days of the prison. I can't imagine that one passing health and safety today!

There were some absolutely amazing models made of matchsticks - cars, gypsy caravans, ships, trains.. even concorde! All things that have been made by prisoners over the years.

There was also a display very remniscent of 'Escape from Colditz' with all the various escape tools and weapons that had been fashioned by prisoners, and another with items used for smuggling things into and out of prison.

All in all, it was interesting and I expect we will go back when Nicholas is old enough to understand a bit more what it is about.

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