Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 While we were away, Nikki seemed to be participating in a crawlathon! He crawled miles and miles, chasing Uncle Harry (and the cat!) all over the place.

We went to his godfather's birthday party and he spent nearly seven hours constantly crawling! I couldn't believe it, but between my brother, his cousins and the big garden with lots of shrubs and flowerbeds to chase each other round, I barely saw him all afternoon!

Nikki playing with Uncle Harry and our cousins Aiden and baby Joseph.

After an initial panic over sitting on soft sand, he loved the beach and did plenty of crawling - heading straight to the see every time my back was turned!

Also, he also did lots of crawling simply being in my gran's house. It is a lot bigger than our small flat, and we had to go down the whole length of the house, up the stairs and back down the whole length to get from the kitchen to our room.
By the end of the week, he was getting up on his hands and feet (rather than knees) and imitating a crab! My gran was certain this meant he would be walking in a day or two... so far he's showing no intention of doing so!


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