Sunday, August 28, 2011

Double Trouble

My sister and I were both pregnant at the same time. Amazingly enough, we both had the same due-date, and we both had boys.

Unfortunately, the competition to be the first grandson was being fought more seriously than we had intended and both boys came too soon. Nicholas came first at only 29 weeks, and the first night I stayed in with him in preparation for going home, Benjamin came along.

Fortunately both boys were out of hospital quickly, in good health, and in time for Christmas (their due date).

Although we see each other quite a lot, I am rarely brave enough for double trouble on my own. Especially now that they're mobile. Especially because Benji is a walking tornado (in the cutest possible way - he's one of those on-the-go babies) and I fear for the safety of everything that is out of Nikki's reach but CAN be got by his taller cousin.

Yesterday, I volunteered.

I got Benji to sit and watch a DVD for nearly five minutes! Nothing to Nikki's usual 20, but they did look ADORABLE sat together on my chair!

 They also played nicely together in the kitchen:

And then they sat down to lunch in matching bibs:

This is the first time Nikki's had banana in months and months. He had a couple of slices at playgroup in June (when the other kids did) but refused to eat it later that day. Yesterday he ate two bananas, but probably only because Benji was eating them, too!

I was happily surprised at the way they played nicely and nicely together - those being very different things, since they can play nicely together in a number of naughty/noisy ways! I had twins until 6pm and didn't feel any more stressed (and the house was no more trashed) than on a normal day with just one! If this were not the exception to the rule, then I would do it more often!

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