Monday, June 27, 2011


Nicholas is STILL not walking! He has been wanting to be standing more and more, but refuses point blank to let go. He won't even stand without support (even if that support is simply touching his fingertips to something). He is soooo lazy!

I am not overly worried - he is solid standing and walks with his walker or holding my fingers with no problem. Because of his prematurity, he has follow-up checks with a physio every few months to make sure he has no serious developmental delays, and so far his physio has not been worried - she assures me it is laziness.

He was about 18months before he would pull himself up to standing, and only crawled on hands and knees for the first time a month ago. He has a wacky crossed-ankle stomach crawl that he is using less and less, that he developed at around 10 months.

He is now at that very frustrating stage where he wants to be walking and is capable but will not let go. He can spend an hour bombing from one end of the flat to the other with his walker - the only problem is that he hits a wall or a corner every ten seconds or so, so I am forced to chase him and turn the walker for him.

One of our many corner stops. That is his laminated photo of Uncle Harry that he's taking for a ride.

We have our next physio appointment in two weeks - maybe he'll decide to impress her and be walking by then!

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