Monday, June 13, 2011

Mummy's Little Helper

Nicholas loves helping me. Unfortunately it is not always in a manner that I consider helpful.

For example, yesterday I went to load the tumble dryer to find that Nicholas had pre-loaded it... with half a dozen potatoes, several toys and a plastic cup. Obviously my comments that the washing machine was not to be filled with building blocks somehow led him to believe that the tumble dryer was... More helpfully, he does turn on the washing machine for me - once I have loaded it and he has shut the door (which he also does several times during loading, too) his 'job' is to press the 'on' and 'start' buttons. But only when I say so!

He 'helps' with the washing up, too. Usually by passing me the just-cleaned items to wash. Although sometimes he has his own washing-up bowl and cleans his own (ie. plastic and unbreakable) things. But only when I was planning on washing the floor anyway...

Today he decided to 'help' me with my maths coursework...

While I appreciate his insight (and was very glad that it was a rough draft and not my final write-up that he 'enhanced') I do long for a time when he understands the difference between 'good' help and 'making more work for Mummy' help...

Here's another 'helping' photo - washing the potatoes for me! This allowed me to prepare the rest of the meal in peace!


  1. I absolutely love the first picture of Nikki helping! Such a cutie and obviously thoroughly enjoying himself.

    Is he still tidying things away into his wardrobe drawer? :)

  2. Oh! I forgot to mention his drawer! Yes, it is still the first place I check for misplaced toys!