Sunday, June 5, 2011


I had some professional photos taken of Nicholas recently and got them back this week. They are sooo cute! I admit, I spent way too much on a framed panoramic set of 5 pictures, but I don't regret it. They turned out adorable and it is nice to have some 'proper' pictures to put up.

This is by far the best picture of the ones we ordered:

I also *finally* got around to ordering photo prints. It took me an entire evening and then some to sort through and cut down - I ended up with 300 prints out of several thousand. This is only the second set of photos I've actually printed; the first I did when he was still in hospital and they were shockingly poor quality. So I can finally start filling the photo albums he was given when he was born!

Nikki has finally learned to say 'bye' and wave. Before this he would blow kisses to say goodbye. He hasn't quite caught on, though - usually when I put him to bed, I blow a kiss as I leave the room. Now he pre-empts me by waving and saying 'bye' instead of blowing a kiss back at me. I much preferred the kisses!

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