Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been feeling very guilty about Nicholas' Russian skills. My dream was to raise him completely bilingual, but at the moment he only understands a dozen words/phrases and says only a couple of words. This is way below his English understanding. And it is entirely down to me.

I should really be speaking Russian as much as I possibly can with him, English is always going to be easy for him to pick up, as it is the language he is constantly exposed to. Russian is something he hears occasionally from his father (they speak once a week and he visits for a few days every couple of months) and me. And I have been very lazy in speaking to him, for a long time doing little more than reading the occasional poem and putting on a Russian language CD.

My new resolution is to speak Russian all the time when it is just the two of us. So far I have managed two afternoons this week... The hardest part is simply remembering to speak Russian! I no longer care if my grammar is perfect - exposure is key at the moment. We'll fix the grammar when we do Russian lessons in a couple of years.

On a completely random note: I can't believe the amount this child can eat! He has just completely demolished two 1-egg omelets (with peas and mushrooms) and some mini-cheddars in the time it has taken me to type this post. Infact, I had to search the area around his chair because I couldn't believe the speed he ate his egg!

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