Monday, March 5, 2012


Nikki has been enjoying his Tot Trays this week.

The dry-wipe Kumon worksheets have been a big success - he can sit and do his 'writing' for 20minutes or more. It has been a struggle to convince him to do more than vertical lines and circles, though!

Not a maze, but a circle-drawing exercise!

We also played with our colour-matching tray a lot! As soon as he spots it on the shelf, he needs to play with it. Although we rarely do more than a dozen at a time, as it is far more important to make the vehicles move around with sound effects than it was to match the colours! Each piece invariably 'travelled' to all the wrong colours, sometimes several times, before 'parking'.

In his pyjamas - he insisted on playing as soon as he woke up!

Unfortunately, the teeny  pegs I used for our maths tray were too difficult for Nikki to use. We did play a little using big pegs, but he was easily frustrated trying to get them on the cards. Maybe in a few weeks we'll try again.
Concentrating hard to line up the peg...

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