Thursday, March 8, 2012

Russian Week

I haven't made a big effort with Totschool this week - Nikki will have the same boxes as last week (not that he minds - did I mention that he loves the coloured vehicles?) and a few worksheets. This is because tomorrow his father arrives for a week. Nikki will have a week of Russian immersion and I get a week off!

I think I will be starting theme units with Nikki. I don't really want to focus on a single letter each week, since he knows them all now and I don't really want to spend the next six months on the alphabet. I think a more general theme will work best for us.

I'm undecided about what our first theme will be - most likely it will be a boy theme involving something with an engine!

Here are some pictures of the things we did manage to get done!

Race Car Dot-a-Dot
 Nikki enjoyed this activity for all of five minutes. He very carefully stamped half a dozen dots before deciding to see how well he could scribble with a dot stamper!

Fierce concentration...

Maybe I should buy him a violin...
Nicholas struggled with the pegs. Although he has no problem opening them, he can't figure out the orientation of the peg and the dowel (or peg and card in his number activity) and gets frustrated quickly.

He turned it into a lacing activity since the hole in the closed pegs perfectly fitted the dowels...

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