Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Self Medication

I mentioned that Nikki has a cold. He kept me up a bit last night, too, and I was not ready to play at 7am (especiallly bearing in mind the recent clock change) so took him back to his room so I could have a bit of a lie-in.

He gave me 5 minutes before he found his trick-or-treat bag and started demanding I open all the sweets for him. I gave him a couple of chocolate buttons and took the rest away for later. He complained at losing the sweets, but seemed happy to play while I went back to sleep.

I had another 10-15 minutes before Nikki woke me again. I couldn't understand what he was talking about, he kept saying 'hands'. I gave up on sleep, got up, and found Nikki at the end of my bed covered in honey!

Nikki doesn't understand what medicine is, beyond sweet tasting. When he has asked for more medicine in the day, I have been giving him spoons of honey (since he has a sore throat). When I didn't get up right away he decided to self-medicate. I am just glad that the paracetamol has a safety-top! Although, I am a lot more cautious with it and keep it well out of reach, whereas I thoughtlessly left the honey on the edge of the worktop last night.

So not only did I miss out on a lie-in, I had to deal with a very sticky baby (straight in the bath!) and half a pot of honey on my kitchen floor! Serves me right for trying to take some time off, I suppose!

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