Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nikki's Jobs

Nicholas has a few 'jobs' around the house. I don't force them, but he enjoys helping me so I have given him specific tasks to do.

1. He is in charge of the 'on' switch on the washing machine and tumble dryer, and sometimes 'helps' me load and unload laundry.

2. He has to sweep/mop up any small messes he makes. Sometimes he 'helps' with the bigger messes, but that can increase my cleaning time a lot so I just leave a little bit at the end if he's keen.

3. He has to help tidy up his toys. Again, he hinders more than he helps here.

4. He is generally in charge of turning on/off lights. As he has now realised that by standing on his plastic step stool (which he can easily carry around the house) he can reach the light switches, I hope this will deter him from playing too much. And no, he's not a giant. Our house is fairly new, so the sockets are raised and the light switches lowered to make them reachable from a wheelchair.

To make the 2nd and 3rd jobs easier, I have invested in a load of little plastic baskets. Actually, they were 60p each in Tesco and a bit of a bargain.

One basket has been dedicated for cleaning supplies - Nikki's floor cloths and dustpan and brush. I'll post about it in more detail later - once I find where somebody hid the memory card from my camera...

The others are going to make their way onto his shelves. I simply need to find the time to organize what I want where. This should really help Nikki to understand where his different toys 'live', as well as make it easy to change out activities and keep his toy choices fresh.

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