Sunday, October 23, 2011

Puzzle Time

I'm so proud! Nicholas has finally mastered puzzles! By puzzles, I mean the cardboard-with-knobs - he's been very good at wooden peg puzzles for ages!

For a long time now, he has been able to turn pictures the right way around and match puzzle pieces together. He can easily do 2-piece puzzles with flat sides, but he's really been struggling with fitting one puzzle piece into the next. Finally, today, he got it. He completed his box of six 2-piece puzzles with no help from me!

Tomorrow, I'm getting his harder puzzle set out. I want to see if he can manage 2-piece puzzles with two knobs (you know, the bits that stick the pieces together - is there even a proper name for them?) and maybe even the 3- or 4-piece puzzles!

It is so great to see a milestone achievement like this - most of the things he learns, especially fine-motor skills, come so gradually that it is hard to say when he mastered it. I like having the occasional fixed date when I can be proud of something specific.


  1. That's wonderful Ali(MummyRoo)! Yep,on BK too! Finally found your blog, little Nicholas is CUTE! Hey, with the puzzles,what kind do you use? I use wooden puzzles, and last week, I actually found a board book in Borders which had 4 animal puzzles in it (4 piece).

  2. Hello! Nice of you to stop by! We have lots of wooden puzzles with cut out shapes, but for the regular make-a-picture puzzles we only have cardboard ones. We also have a book with animal puzzles in, but they are 12-piece so we will have to wait a while before we can get them out :)