Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We're taking a break from organized activities for a few days as I prepare (myself, my home and Nicholas) for Potty Training!

I've had to delay several times, with other things cropping up in our schedule, and am almost certain that this weekend will be free. We have already gone back to a couple of hours nappy-free time in the mornings, and although there is no force on Earth that will make Nikki sit on the potty, he has been persuaded to sit on 'Mummy's' toilet. He even went for a wee on it yesterday! He was soooo chuffed!

So, since we have toddler groups on Thursday and Friday, we will *fingers crossed* be nappy free (day time) from Saturday. I plan to use the three-day technique, which involves no pants or trousers at all for three days, before we can hopefully start leaving the house. It relies on me being super-vigilant and basically running Nikki into the bathroom every time he starts to wee, until he gets the idea and goes there on his own before watering the floor.

I'll keep track of his progress - it might even work!

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