Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Playdough

Ok, so maybe I'm being hopeful with the 'Spring' theme...

Nikki helped me make some new playdough today. He poured the ingredients from the measuring cups and very carefully stirred them together.

Nikki stirring the dough mix before cooking.

 Then, once I had cooked it and kneaded it, and it was quite cool, Nikki helped to add the colour! I use the gel colours which are expensive, but they last forever and are soooo much cleaner to mix in to doughs. I dip a cocktail stick (or spoon handle or chopstick...) into the gel and the amount left on when I take it out is usually enough.

To knead it in cleanly, flatten your dough ball and wipe the gel across the top, then fold the dough before kneading. This keeps the messy gel on the inside and the colour which bleeds through is no longer pure gel so doesn't usually stain hands. Keep kneading until you get a smooth colour.

Nikki took one part with the blue gel in had great fun squeezing it until he could see blue!

Squeeze, squeeze - it's turning blue!
 And the final result: sunny yellow, sky blue and spring green:

Our spring playdough.

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